Cath and Kara are available to supervise Creative Grief Support¬†Alumni and other coaches and helping professionals who are working with people who are grieving – even if you haven’t trained with the Creative Grief Studio.

You can choose to work with either Cath or Kara, or you may wish to benefit from the combined Cath/ Kara package which gives you access to alternating sessions with Cath and Kara and the benefit of exposure to both Cath and Kara’s different styles of creativity and coaching.

Supervision sessions are 60 minutes long. You can purchase supervision sessions one at a time or save on your per-session rate by purchasing a 12-session package. If you purchase the 12-session package then your sessions happen once a week for three months.

Why is supervision important?

  • Grief support involves working with a potentially vulnerable sector of the population, so it’s even more important that you practice with awareness of your impact.
  • Grief support is deep and emotional work. You can’t NOT be affected by your clients’ stories and experiences. Supervision will help you maintain perspective so that you don’t become emotionally overwhelmed of find your own perception being altered in un healthy ways because of hearing so many stories of pain and loss.
  • Supervision helps you separate your grief from your client’s grief so that you can be committed to your own personal growth journey and avoid imposing any limited perceptions your have onto your clients.
  • Supervision will help you to identify any of your own needs that are important to attend to so that you can be a more present and transformational partner to your clients. Often empathic practitioners are so tuned into their client’s needs that they forget about attending to their own needs and their own living-loving-and-learning journey.
  • Supervision will help you to develop and deepen your practice through guided reflection, review and conscious planning of your grief support work. Supervision will help you to explore and learn new theories and tools that will enrich your work.

How Does Supervision Work?

When you sign up for a supervision session or package, you’ll be sent a “Supervision Welcome Pack.” The welcome pack includes:

  • A supervision contract articulating our expectations of each other in the supervision relationship.
  • An intake form for you to fill out, so that we can get some background on who you are, the work you do and the context you’re working in.
  • A supervision check-in form that you will fill out before each supervision session. This lets us know what you’d like to focus on in the session and prepares both of us for the session so that we’re able to keep the sessions focused and ensure that you get what you need from supervision.

Within 72 hours after receiving your supervision session order, we’ll email you to set up our session dates and times. If you’ve signed up for the 12-session package then you’ll be also have access to email check-ins with us in between your supervision phone calls.

Individual Supervision with Kara (1 Session) – 60 minutes – $150 per session

Individual Supervision with Cath (1 Session) – 60 minutes – $150 per session

Individual Supervision, Alternating Kara & Cath (12 Session Package) – 3-month subscription of $480 per month.

The 12-session package includes access to email check-ins with both Cath and Kara in between your supervision phone calls.