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Creating Through Grief (ebook)
by Creative Grief Studio Alumni & Co-Founders

11 Creative grief support activities, relevant to a variety of kinds of losses, created as a free resource for helping professionals and caregivers. Helping professionals working in the field of grief support and caregivers are the primary audience who will be most interested in this book. Each creative prompt is shared with supply lists and detailed directions for how helpers might use the tools with their clients or groups. You’ll find photo samples along the way and information about each creator if you’d like to contact any of them directly. Naturally, we understand that grief is different from person to person and that relationships, not tasks, are most important when working with the bereaved. These activities, therefore, are not “recipes” for grievers to use in a vacuum. We recommend that grievers explore these activities together with a skilled practitioner who will offer a relationship of kindness and respect, and gently and flexibly guide them to explore and transform their unique experiences of grief.

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Books Written by Studio Alumni

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101Rainbow101 Rainbow Ribbons
by Linda Colletti

101 Rainbow Ribbons is soft and tender story of a young child’s questions about death and grief. Evan’s Gramma answers his questions as simply and honestly as possible and shares a hopeful story that was told to her by her mother. The story itself is engaging but it also models how parents and caretakers of young children can talk about death and grief, not necessarily only after a death occurs. Resources and suggestions are included after the story. The illustrations are captivating and have a gentle  sweetness about them. Appropriate for children 3-6 but also a story enjoyed by all ages.

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by Kate Shand

When 14-year-old John Peter made the tragic decision to end his life by hanging himself, he left behind a devastated family who grappled not only with coping with the overwhelming loss of a beloved son and brother, but also coming to terms with the incomprehensible choice he made that afternoon. An engaging story of unbearable sadness and grief, this searing memoir is also a journey of strength and courage. Ultimately, it is the story of a boy and of a mother’s survival in the aftermath of the suicide of her child.

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CreativeGrieving_wCreative Grieving
by Elizabeth Berrien

Within a 20-month period Elizabeth Berrien endured the loss of her stillborn son and the subsequent death of her husband on active duty in Afghanistan. She found herself a 27-year-old widow, whose life had been shattered. In this book, she shares her own experiences, insights, wisdom, and even joy gathered on her own journey from grief to hope. It is a journey at times painful, at times lonely, at times unexpectedly humorous. Through the use of an innovative grief model called The Model of Heart-Centered Grief, we are given an intimate and useful perspective of how the grief journey unfolds in her life. A community of women’s voices are included throughout, providing pieces of “Hip Chick Wisdom” for the griever’s soul. Creative Hip Chick Tools are also provided, along with a comprehensive list of helpful resources, to assist the reader in processing grief in an integrative way.

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CreativeGrieving_wHealing Through the Chaos: Practical Care Giving
by Tandy Elisala

Healing Through the Chaos is about how Tandy became an unexpected caregiver for both parents simultaneously while going through cancer and raising 3 kids as a single parent. Tandy’s story of love, hope, courage, family, grief and gratitude is one for all families. Tandy offers key lessons learned and a family action guide to be a resource for others.


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BOYThe Hollowed Heart
by Deb Buehler & Louise Dunn

As a professional writer, the first thing Deb Buehler did after the deaths of her parents was look for a way to write about her losses. Together with co-author Louise Dunn they invited women across the country to tell their stories of grief and loss. With each essay as a starting point, the co-authors were able to address themes of authentic mourning specifically written for women. Chapters also include gentle reminder for the mourner’s soul, self-coaching strategies and sacred rituals.

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