“Creating Through Grief” – Our Gift to You

We’re so happy to share our latest Creative Grief Studio publication with you: the Creating Through Grief eBook.

11 Creative grief support activities, relevant to a variety of kinds of losses:

  • Baby Announcement (for after a baby has died) by Aliza Rothman Labowitz
  • Postcards From Camp: Holding Onto Hope by Tamara Beachum
  • Meditation Strand by Claire Willis, MA, MSW, MEd
  • Grief My Way: Circular Journal by Yvonne M. Lucia, RN, MDiv, C-CG
  • Grief Wall by Karen Olson Johnson, MA, MEd
  • Carrying On! by Donna Ritz, LCSW
  • Ode To Starlight Dining by Gail Simon Darlington, MA
  • S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G Out The Good by Lori-Marie Boyer, MT-BC
  • Gathering The Offerings by Janice Lodato, MA
  • Working Small With Artist Trading Cards by Kara LC Jones
  • Containers Of Chronic Grief by Cath Duncan, MSW

A resource for helping professionals and caregivers

Helping professionals working in the field of grief support and caregivers are the primary audience who will be most interested in this book full of creative prompts to use with individuals who are grieving a loss. Each creative prompt is shared with supply lists and detailed directions for how helpers might use the tools with their clients or groups. You’ll find photo samples along the way and information about each creator if you’d like to contact any of them directly.

Naturally, we understand that grief is different from person to person and that relationships, not tasks, are most important when working with the bereaved. These activities, therefore, are not “recipes” for grievers to use in a vacuum. We recommend that grievers explore these activities together with a skilled practitioner who will offer a relationship of kindness and respect, and gently and flexibly guide them to explore and transform their unique experiences of grief.

Finally, we are so proud of our talented Creative Grief Studio alumni and thank those who contributed to the eBook. We hope you will enjoy this gift from our community and that you put into practice some of the rich, diverse and transformative tools we have each developed.

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Feel free to share the eBook with other helping professionals who’d be interested in integrating creativity into their grief support work. Either you can share the link to this page forward http://griefcoachingcertification.com/creating-through-grief-ebook/ OR feel free to download your own PDF copy to offer on your own website or platforms for download from there. If you’d like “download now” artwork to share in that way, here are options on jpgs you can use:

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