Writing and grief…


The act of artmaking (writing or painting or movement etc) can mirror for us what our grief experiences are like, too. Make a list of words that describe your grief experiences. Now use those words to write a poem. Or take that list of words and create an art journal page using paint. Or play with the movement of those words. So for instance, if one of the words you list is “confusing,” then get up and move in a gesture that might indicate “confusing.” Then play with that movement. Make the confusing movement lighter. Make it heavier. Make it lean. Make it very very slow. What do you learn about confusing as you play with it? If you were to share your insights with another person, how might they identify? What other insights might they bring from their own human experience, too? Exploring the metaphors of a creative practice can help us explore our grief experiences if only we give ourselves permission to do so. Give yourself permission today and see what happens.

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