Crafting responses…


Sometimes in our grief experiences, we hear from others or read from resources that there is some particular way or method for “healing” or “getting better” or “finding closure.” Not only can the concepts of closure and such be limiting, but the methods themselves for supposedly “getting there” can be limiting. If we instead creatively approach our grief experiences by crafting our own responses, to make our own meanings, what can break open for us?┬áThink of a time when you felt hampered or limited by what woulda/coulda/shoulda might have dictated to you about your experience. Think of this time as a scene in a play. Rewrite the script. Or get on stage with all the set pieces and actors and make new blocking for how things move across the stage. Change the background. Change the costumes the actors are wearing. Allow yourself to re-make the limitations or the woulda/coulda/shoulda’s into something else. What happens? What do you learn from this alternative staging? What surprises you? How might you take this editing ability forward with you to new experiences? Is there anyone in the audience who is not surprised at all to see how well you do at playing with this scene? Who supports your editing skills?

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