Grief experiences can have so many dynamics to them. In some ways we might feel immobilized. In other ways we might feel the fire fuel of grief burning through us. Whatever your experiences have been, consider reviewing the past and looking at current experiences through the lense of agency. Where, even in the most restricted of experiences, have we been able to find a tiny bit of agency? Where have we found grace in action during the hardest times? How did we recognize agency when we came upon it? Did you notice in your head, a thought that said, “Oh wait, I have some ability to take an action here!”? Or did you notice something in your body moved differently? Once you noticed there was some space of agency, how did you act upon that agency? Even if it was just some very tiny action like taking a purposeful, very deep breath, what was the action? How did that help you shift your experience? OR if you did not realize you had the ability to take action prior, how might you remind yourself in future that you have the ability to take action — even if it is a tiny action like taking a deep breath? How might agency become part of your creative approach to grief experiences in the future?

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