What do you do with your mistakes (missed-takes)?


In my own grief experience, I found that word play often gave me some liberty to explore creatively. Especially around the concept of mistakes, I found it helpful to shift the word to “missed-takes” as in missing a take while filming or in a photoshoot. That gave me the liberty to try again, just like we might do while making a film or taking photos. So what would you like to do with your missed-takes? What surprises you the most about trying again? Or if you take a missed-take and alter it into a new piece, what happens? Like taking a few “missed take” photos and collaging them into a new piece? What kind of heART are you making using the missed-takes as raw materials? This goes for us individually in our own grief experiences, but also as practitioners in the helping fields, too. How do we as practitioners use our missed-takes to be creative, to learn, to try new approaches?

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