Seeing the brokenness…


Grief experiences often bring us face to face with mortality in ways we have not considered or lived prior to the loss. As we come to realize that we see the brokenness before the glass breaks, how does that help us make meaning or be more aware of the time we have in relationship to self and others? Do you think that understanding the shattering helps you make meaning in the creative ways you now approach grief and life? Do you think there are ways that understanding the shattering has been unhelpful in making meaning? If you were to get very creative with Bernhard’s example from Chah here, might we have a conversation with the chickens?! 🙂 If you were to tell the chickens about your grief experiences, what might they offer in return? Do you learn anything surprising about life and grief from doing things like silently observing chickens? We make meaning in so many different ways in our human experiences. Allow yourself to explore creatively and see what you discover about learning to live in the face of grief.

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