This isn’t the Grief Olympics…


To be fully present for ourselves and for the pain others encounter, it is important to pay attention to the idea that all pain is relative. Whatever the worst grief is someone has experienced *is* the worst grief they’ve experienced. This isn’t the Grief Olympics where we have to compete to have had the best/worst experience before being able to support our process or the process of others. If instead we approach grief experiences with the idea that 1) we can identify there is pain here and 2)¬†we may know pain from our own experiences, but 3) we don’t know what the person having the current grief experience is feeling, *then* we can get curious, be present, ask questions about what is happening so we *learn* from them. So how do you get curious when you encounter a new grief experience? Your own or another’s experience? In what ways can you be present to the current situation? What questions can you ask to come to understand this current situation? What questions would you like others to ask of you? How would you like others to approach and be available to you?

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