Grief is more than just thoughts…


Living life after the death of a loved one or other major loss is not just in our heads, not just thoughts. It is an active experience of grief and life and love and sorrow and so much more. As you entered this living experience with grief, what surprised you the most? Do you remember a particular experience or moment when you got a physical or palpable knowing of what the “fact of someone’s being gone, and forever” means┬áto you? How does that knowing interact with the way you live your life now? Were there things you thought you knew from “forethought or hindsight” that shifted once you were having the grief experience? Was there anything in your grief experience where grief itself was trying to impose meaning upon you? Or something where other people or societal expectations were trying to impose meaning upon you for what grief is, how it works? How did you react to that? If some ideas were imposed that did not fit your experience, how did you make new or different meaning?

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