Remembering and re-member-ing



As we remember those we love who have died, there may be much that kindles a sadness in us, but what about the remembering that kindles love in us? What do you love most about the person you are remembering? What would you most want other people to know about this person? While death has a way of leaving us lamenting all we’ve lost, consider too, what is it that you carry forward of this person? What lessons or gifts they gave are still unfolding in the world today? What of your life is still influenced today because they were part of your life?

Even if you or others you love have never consciously spent time remembering because it was taboo for some reason to talk about the dead, consider how remembering might keep your family tree whole. What would you most want future generations to know about this person who has died? ┬áIt’s not just a remembering, but actually Re-Member-ing the person who died back into your community and family as an honored being.


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