Put them aside…


When we engage with others, the most important thing to do is to be present.  Simply be with the person.  If you are offering coaching or grief support, the most distracting thing you can do is come in with a clipboard and check list of all the things you want to accomplish in the session.  You need to have a creative toolkit, of course.  It is helpful to be well versed in as many creative options as possible.  But it is helpful only so that you have tools to call upon when the time is right.  If you come in with this tool or that tool as an agenda, then you miss the mystery of the living soul sitting in front of you, sharing their story.

So just consider this idea.  Learn and keep learning.  Let your very being widen, soften, and deepen into as many creative practices as you can explore.  But also be willing to just show up and BE with the person who has come to you for support.

How does that feel?  Do you feel scared thinking about this option?  Or does is feel more liberating to not have to know what will unfold?  Do you realize that you want more practice at the tools in your kit so you are more agile in the present moment?  Are you comfortable or uncomfortable with the idea of letting the mystery unfold?  Why do you feel the way you feel?  What do you think you might want to shift in the ways you’ve previously been present?  Have you had people show up for you and be comfortable with your unfolding mystery?  Can you connect with them again — either in your imagination or in-person to really see a model of how it feels to be in communication in this way?

Experiment and see!

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