Playing with time…


If you could ask a question of someone you love who has died, what question would you ask?

If they could answer, what would they say?

Who would it be — real person in your life, invented character, pop culture icon, whatever manifestation you wish — who would it be that could see beyond the brokenness you feel right now?  What would they see in this beyond-the-broken space/time?  How would they describe you in that future space?  What are they most proud of that you’ve done in the time/space between now/broken experience and then/beyond-brokenness?

If you could offer loving kindness to any version of yourself, what would that be like?  If you-of-today could offer loving kindness to the you-back-in-the-moment-of-trauma, how would that help or inform about the now-you and the then-you?


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