Open Call on 15 January: The Values, Beliefs & Theories in Our Approach to Grief Support

There are many different approaches to grief support, all based in different values, beliefs and psychological theories. On Tuesday 15 January, we (Kara Jones and Cath Duncan) will host a call in which we’ll share about the core values, beliefs and theories that the Creative Grief Coaching Certification course is based in.

Helping professionals of all kinds –  life coaches, teachers, hospice workers, medical professionals, funeral directors, religious leaders, etc – are all welcome.

We’ll share some important keys to approaching grief support, talk about why those keys are so important, and share a bit about the research and theory that those keys are based in. We also hope that those of you who have been considering applying to join our Creative Grief Coaching Certification program will find the call useful information for deciding whether our course would be a good fit for you. We’ll have a few of our alumni Creative Grief Coaching students and Certified Creative Grief Coaches on the call to share a bit about what it was like to participate in our program.

In addition, we’ll be extending a “pass-code” exclusively to the call participants, to give you access to the Earlybird price for our February 2013 course. Kara and Cath will also be happy to answer your questions about grief support in general, or about the Creative Grief Coaching course.

If you’re curious about grief support and want to learn some core principles to approaching grief support, or are interested in taking our program, we hope you’ll join us. The call will be recorded and sent to our newsletter list, but if you have questions about our course, we’d love you to participate live so that we can answer them for you.

Date: Tuesday 15 January 2013

Time: 12pm till 1pm Mountain Time/ 11am till 12pm Pacific Time/ 2pm till 3pm Eastern Time.

If you’re calling in by PHONE:

  • Dial: (209) 647-1600 by phone.
  • And then enter the participant Code: 719190#

OR, if you wish to use SKYPE instead:

  • First add FreeConferenceHD to your contacts using their Skype address: freeconferencecallhd.2096471600. At the time of the call, then just select to call the Freeconferencecallhd Skype contact.
  • And then enter the participant Code: 719190#

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