Grief Support 101 Class: Download the 90min MP3

Big thanks to all of you who attended our live call. We’re so excited to bring you this 90 minute introduction to our course!

Click here to download the call

Up-front at the beginning of the call, we (Cath and Kara) shared about our educational, work and personal histories, to give you a sense of the diverse perspectives we’ve brought to the development of our Creative Grief Coaching Certification Course. One of the common themes across the models that have influenced us is that they’re strengths-based models that look for, appreciate and expand on the natural resilience, resourcefulness and creativity that all of us have, even when we’re grieving.

Next up, we shared about the core differences between conventional and emerging grief support models, followed by a brief summary of the “Shameless Grief” model that we’ve developed, on which our course is built.

Following that, we shared a few more core themes that we believe differentiate our course from many other grief support models out there:

  • Diversity
  • Creativity
  • Relationship
  • “I don’t know”
  • “Either/or” to “and” thinking
  • Holistic approach
  • Ethics and mental health

After that a few of our alumni shared about their experience of taking our course and going through the certification process with us.

Click here to download the call

Big thanks again to all who joined us live, including our wonderful alumni. If you’re listening for the first time, we hope you enjoy the call!

Does this call resonate with you? Are you intrigued to learn more? Our class is open for the next session, so feel free to apply today!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have come across mention of our previous “early bird” offers on fee rate, we want you to know that we’ve now just made the “early bird” rate the same rate that everyone gets. You no longer need to have passcode, coupon, or anything to get the flat rate everyone gets. Thanks!

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