MP3 of our Q&A Call: learn more about the course + answers to your questions

Hi everyone!

It was incredibly fun to be on the call earlier and share more with you all about the Creative Grief Coaching Certification program and our other offerings.  We apologize profusely for the tech-gremlins that left everyone on mute during Q & A — we are using a different webinar system for the course so that will not happen again! 🙂  And, we are sharing questions with answers in this post so you all still get the benefit of seeing what you each had to ask us.

First up is the call itself, offered here as an MP3 recording:

Click to download the call

(Right-click on the link above and select “save as” to download it, or just click on it to listen right now.)

More questions since the call:

Q1) Do we have to finish the prescribed reading before the course starts on 2 Feb?
A1) No, you certainly do not have finish the prescribed reading by the first session. Read what you can, and you’ll be able to continue your reading through and after the program, too. We’ll be referring to other articles and books throughout the 3 months and you can read or re-read relevant sections as we approach them. We wanted to provide the reading ahead of time for anyone wanting to read now. Our manual will give you the content you need for each session and the sessions will focus on experiencing the creative tools yourself, so you wouldn’t have a sense of feeling “left behind.” The reading will offer you a richer layer and fuller background to what we’re teaching.

Q2) Will the calls always be in the format we just had: a conference call where we listen in? Or will there be any screen sharing (Can you tell I’m a visual learner?) 
A2) The line we used today isn’t the line we’ll use for the course calls – we found something with more options (including webinar). We will soon have the “how-to” and we’ll email it out on Jan 27th to all CGCC attendees, too.  You’ll be able to call in via land / cell phone, or you’ll be able to call in via Skype (which I believe makes it toll free if you are in the USA), and you’ll get a link to a website meeting room.  When you first visit that webinar link, you’ll be asked to run a free conferencing software to see the meeting room.  There you’ll see whatever we are sharing on our screen, a window for chat, and the usernames/icons of the other people in the classroom.

We are still talking about options for visuals in that screen share.  At this stage we had planned to use the audio portion of the call for most of the delivery and interaction on the live session.  And of course, though, remember that we have the content all available in the online forum and also in pdf format for you to print out if you prefer. So if you’re a visual learner you can work with that while you listen.  We will offer screen sharing so you can see us and whatever online forum thread or whatever page of the PDF we’re talking about in that moment. We’re also creating videos for many of the creative tools, so that’s also a nice visual way that you’ll always be able to go back to the content – after any individual module and even after the 12 modules are completed you’ll have ongoing access to that.

Any more questions?

If anyone else has questions that we didn’t get to answer on the call, email me or Cath and we’ll reply to your email and share the q&a here for others, too.  Or leave your questions as a comment here on this post and we’ll answer.  (Note: comments are moderated so you won’t see it post right away. Just FYI)

Thank you all sooooo incredibly much!  See you on the first webinar date!

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